Myriam is fully bilingual and is very familiar with many of the towns and villages in the WW1 Western Front region.

Myriam’s interest in WW1 was awakened when she researched her family history and discovered her Great Grandfather’s (3rd Divisional Signalling Coy) and Great Uncle’s (41st Battalion, Lewis machine gun handler) participation on the Western front. Like many of these men, they never spoke about their experiences, and their stories were never told. Her great grandfather returned but his brother didn’t.

Myriam then located and visited his grave, and the emotion she felt when she visited his grave and saw her family name engraved on his headstone was a pivotal point in her life turning her to research military history, especially of the brave young Anzacs on the Western Front in WW1. Over the years Myriam has gained extensive experience through the various military history jobs she has been involved in. She has worked in a French WWII memorial known as the “Maison d’Izieu” in the Rhone-Alpes region for a number of years as guide and receptionist, which tells the sad and horrific fate of 44 deported Jewish children captured by Klaus Barbie and his team of SS.

Myriam at VB Aust Memorial

After moving to the Pas de Calais, she then gained experience in a WWI museum and tourist office as battlefield guide in the area, meeting people from all over the world. Being Australian and living just near the Somme, Myriam has a deep connection and compassion for these brave young Australians who served in France so far from home, fighting for country which wasn’t theirs. It has now become her true passion to honour and pay tribute to these men, and to help all generations of today to understand why and what happened here. They must never be forgotten.

Myriam’s compassion is not only limited to Australians but all nationalities that participated in the Great War. It is for this reason she has decided to devote her time and career to remembering these men. It is so important that younger generations continue the legacy.