Brooding Soldier, St-Juliaan

We provide a range different tours for each nationality movements. We have range of standard tours all along the Western Front, from the Somme through to Arras to Ypres. The tours can all be adjusted to your needs and private which allows for flexibility around your interests.

Tours can just be the one day or multiple days depending on your request. This may involve a night Ypres if desired.

Pick up and drop off are from train station or your hotel. Of course this can be adjusted if necessary knowingly Arras is a direct train from Paris in just under 50 minutes.

Tours usually start at 9am and return by 5pm. On request, the Last Post at the Menin Gate in Ypres can be attended (starts at 8pm).

A personnalized itinerary will be sent to you upon request with costs and availability.

Please find below examples of some of the itineraries we offer for a general view of the three major areas we cover. Other itineraries are available depending on the nationality desired. Tours can be focusing on Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and British battlefields.