1 to 3 day tours available – all tours can be adjusted to client’s needs to follow the footsteps or visit the grave of a relative.

1 Day Somme/Arras Tour: This NZ focused tour starts from Arras heading to the Somme, the Village of Flers where the New Zealand memorial stands in the middle of a field. The field that would see the New Zealanders first major actions on the Western Front. A horrific welcoming for these men from “the Utter Most Ends of the Earth” to the Western Front. In the nearby village of Longueval, we stop at Caterpillar Valley Cemetery that carries a New Zealand memorial to their missing in 1916.
After a quick lunch, continuing the tour we head to Lochnagar Crater, a massive vestige of the Great war along with a visit to the Newfoundland memorial Park where we can walk through preserved trenches and battlefield.
En route for a return to Arras where we visit the Wellington Quarry – NZ tunnellers had left their marks in Arras and here you will walk 20 metres deep under Arras to see how they prepared 17th century quarries for 24, 000 men who would participate in the Battle of Arras 1917.

2 day Tour: On this 2 day tour we will focus on the areas from the Somme including major New Zealand sites such as the village of Flers and the Wellington Quarry to the Ypres Salient with Messines Ridge and Passchendaele.
During both days you will have in depth information about both battlefronts which will also include other major sites such as visit to trenches and significant memorials, and vestiges. This tour includes museum visits.

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