The war that would end all war they were told… It would all be finished before Christmas they were told… Your country needs you, do your duty!

This was how millions people from all over the world ended up in a living hell.

Fours years of war which led to the most atrocious conditions under the constant fire of artillery, machine guns, and no man’s land which swallowed people’s lives…

Walkabout Digger Tours provides you a full out look of what men and women endured on the Western Front.

Walkabout Digger Tours offers you the possibility to be guided through the Great War battlefields by a local Australian guide, Myriam Thompson.

Since 2012, Walkabout Digger Tours has been able to grow into a solid reputation in offering high quality tours.

Our local guide Myriam THOMPSON will be looking after you and will make sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Being Australian and living here just near the Somme,  she fully understands that for visitors, the experience of visiting the battlefields is often a once in a life time event of great importance to the family. She feels a proudness and compassion for these men who served in France so far from home.

Our tours are suited for your individual needs.  Tours can be tailored around a relative who fought on the Western Front, which would also consist of visiting his grave, and/or simply following the tracks of Allied forces.

We also have a range of prepared tours you may chose from for a more general view of the actions taken here 100 years ago, and also a great way visit this less known part of France.

All our tours are conducted in a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned minibus.

Walkabout Diggers Tours can assist you to finding train schedules and accommodation to facilitate your visit in the area.